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GCE offers different types of reports. Ask the admitting institution or receiving entity about their report requirements before beginning our evaluation process.


Verify the admitting institution or entity accepts GCE’s reports


Review GCE’s services & guidelines


Gather your country’s required documents

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Original documents are preferred but photocopies are accepted. Uploaded or emailed documents must be submitted as a PDF. If submitting copies, include the back of the documents if there is any information present.

GCE, Inc. may require original educational documents to be sent directly to GCE by the issuing institution.

Submit all educational documents including transcripts, degrees and diplomas in both the native language and certified English translation.
Many universities and boards require reports to be completed using original documents. Please contact the admitting university or entity to determine policy.



GCE, Inc. reserves the right to verify any documents with the issuing institution(s).

Some academic institutions require the payment of a fee in order to verify educational credentials. GCE, Inc. will contact the applicant to pay the fee.

The application will be put on hold until a response is received from the institution or institutions. If rush service is ordered, the RUSH fee minus the express mail service fee will be refunded.


Processing Time

Processing time is generally 15-20 business days for regular services. This does NOT include mailing time. Regular service processing times are not guaranteed.  Only rush evaluations receive a guaranteed turnaround time.  All applications submitted after noon CST will be processed the following business day.



GCE does not provide translations. Translations must be issued by the university or performed by the Ministry of Education or an ATA certified translator.


Submitting Original Educational Documents

Client must pay a return document fee to receive submitted original documents. However, the fee will be refunded if the issuing institution indicates the documents cannot be released.


Review Request

Review requests must be submitted via email or letter within 45 days of completion. After 45 days, a fee must be paid to re-open the file. No information will be deleted from a completed report.


Reports for Institutions

Confirm with the admitting institution or entity if it accepts GCE services, the type of report needed, and the documents required.


Request for Additional Documentation

The client is responsible for submitting all required documents. The client will NOT be contacted for additional documents.


If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our FAQ page to learn more


Cancellations and Refunds

  • Client Cancels Application
    • Request must be sent to
      • Within 5 business days – refund of 50% of the total fee
      • After 6 business days – No refund will be issued
  • Refunds issued ONLY if:
    • The amount paid exceeds the amount required for services rendered
    • The rush service fee minus express mailing when the report cannot be completed within the allotted time

GCE, Inc. reserves the right to refuse an application



  • GCE, Inc. guarantees a qualified professional evaluator will prepare each report
  • Conclusions stated in a report reflect the judgment of GCE, Inc. based on the educational system at the time of the applicant’s enrollment
  • Reports are completed using the best information and resources currently available to professional evaluators in the United States at the time the report was prepared
  • GCE, Inc. does not guarantee an applicant will agree with the report
  • GCE, Inc. reports are advisory only